Wolf 4/4 Secondo Violin Shoulder Rest – VA-032

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Wolf 4/4 Secondo Violin Shoulder Rest – VA-032

The Wolf flexible shoulder rest was the first practical shoulder-rest invented. At that time there were other shoulder rests already available, but these rests didn’t require some of the demands the violin players asked for.

In 1965 the first Wolf shoulder rest was invented by Willy Wolf at his residence in Amsterdam. Shortly after that the first 500 were ordered and a week after that the next 500! To think that those shoulder rests we’re completely hand made! But soon it appeared that unfortunately not everyone was able to play with the Wolf flexible shoulder rest, so Willy Wolf quickly started looking for a solution for these players. By testing it on his colleagues at the Utrecht symphony orchestra, he was able to gather useful information and feedback in finding a solution for these users


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