Paolo 2 Coupler Grey Compact


Paolo Soprani Grey 2 couplar Compact

This is the latest version of the Jubilee Sean introduced with the Paolo Soprani company 10 years ago.

This new version is more compact than previous models and because of the reduced size the action has been improved as the pads are smaller and lighter. The response is as good as ever with the Voci Armoniche Tipo A Mano reeds.
If you watch the above videos, you will notice the ease at which these players find their way around the fingerboard.
The full tremolo sound [15 – and 15 + ] is standard on these accordions but specific tuning can be ordered when buying your accordion ie. Swing or Swing Americano or Italian or Scottish Tremolo. The factory tuner Giansandro is as good as they come.

If you are thinking of upgrading from your old Paolo, or trading from a wood accordion, just call into the showroom and you will see for yourself the great action, response, and overall good feel to this accordion.

we take trade in’s on any accordion in my showroom.


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