14″x5″ Premium Bodhran Blue Deep Tune



• Tunable Premium Bodhran ( easy tuners) deep rim, solid and well made body
• 14″ Wide and 5″ Deep Rim
• Taped Finish for best deep bass, mellow, resonating tone
• Designed with quality goat skin head
•. High quality 8 easy tuners, super-fast to tune; very convenient for tuning during a performance.
• Perfect bodhran for a stage performer
• Comes with a Tipper and tuning key
• High quality padded Gig bag can be purchased separately by searching this item number in search box (NCBD14X6)
• This 14” premium bodhran is also available in different finishes (BD14X5IPR-D),(BD14X5IPB-D),(BD14X5IPG-D) and untapped finishes (BD14X5IPBL),( BD14X5IPB),( BD14X5IPG),( BD14X5IPR)


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