How to Choose the Best Concertina for Irish Music

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There is no one monitoring advertising on the internet and individuals or companies will put up pages /Blogs that indicate they are very knowledgeable on a certain subject and all they are doing is directing potential customers to their products. We are seeing this more and more by companies deceiving the researcher into buying their  products claiming they are the manufacturer  but mostly these products are made in China. When you have to stretch to these tactics it’s obvious to most people they are not the maker.

Here at the Irish Concertina Company we make 3 Concertinas.

These hand made instruments are top of the range and are the most popular instruments here in Ireland selling over 100 units per year.

Alongside these instruments we have a range of starter instruments that we call Tinas.    Why Tinas you may ask?

A few years ago a teacher friend of mine was doing some video recordings on the basic beginner concertinas and refused to call them Concertinas, he always called them Tinas, and his comment was the Concert will come later.

Today we call all out beginner instrument’s by the name Tina.  These are all manufactured in China.

If an instrument is retailing at €1300 or under it is made in China.

If you are really keen to do research please include our company.

“Irish Concertina Company.com  on your list or give us a call and we would be glad to help you decide.

In our Shop “An Siopa Ceoil- The Trads Shop” we have a viewing window where you can see the process in action and if you are very curious we might even invite you in and  let you see the CnC machine in the back area.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sean Garvey